So, what exactly do hermit crabs eat, you ask? What do they consume? Good question! Hermit crabs have a much larger palate then some people would presume, and because of that, you have a lot of choices when it comes to feeding your hermit crab. It can turn out to be a very enjoyable experience - on both your parts! Head into any pet store, and check out their food. Chances are, you’re going to see a container of food that screams Ďsafe for hermit crabsí.There are probably numerous types of commercial foods that you can grab. Provide Your Crab with Variety The best bet is to rotate two to three different types of hermit crab food each day. You wouldn’t want to eat the same type of food every single day - why should your hermit crab have to? The best commercial food is what your hermit crab really wants to eat, and sometimes, specialists will tell you that the ingredients in certain foods are bad for your hermit crab. Check the label of any potential commercial hermit crab food, and try to avoid ethoxyquin, as well as copper sulfate. Both of these are actual ingredients in common pesticide, and many people feel very uncomfortable feeding their hermit crab these. While it’s ultimately your choice, and there is little evidence either way, steering clear would err on the safe side. Want to give your hermit crab an extra special treat? Give him Ďpeople food’, something you would enjoy eating. Just make sure that heís got enough commercial food for the nutrients as well! Heíll love: ∑ Dried cereals, crackers, and bread ∑ Diced pears, bananas, coconut, and apples ∑ Peeled grapes ∑ Peanut butter (This one is often messy!) ∑ Spinach that’s been shredded ∑ Lettuce that’s been shredded ∑ Cooked and cool potatoes Remember to put everything in crab-sized bites, so they can easily pick it up and eat it. The worst thing is to struggle in order to get a grip on the food you love! Staring at that chocolate again? We all have a sweet tooth - but did you know that your hermit crab has one, too? Hermit crabs often enjoy munching on something that’s a little less savory and a little more sweet, and who are we to deny him of that simple pleasure in life? Baby foods are actually a wonderful choice, as they have good nutrients and have a sweet taste that they just canít get enough of. Try flavors like: ∑ Apples and Bananas ∑ Apples, Mango, and Kiwi · Apple sauce ∑ Sweet potatoes and Apples · Apples and Pears ∑ Fruit medley · Guava Fruit Dessert · Papaya Fruit Dessert · Mango Fruit Dessert · Sweet Corn Casserole ∑ Chiquita Bananas In fact, you really donít have to limit yourself to this list; anything that’s a little fruity, your hermit will love. Feed them by hand using a large plastic spoon, or put a little in their dish for them to find themselves. Not only will he love these treats, they’ll provide him with the nutrients he needs to stay healthy - who would have thought?

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Purple Pincher Hermit Crab Getting to Know Him

Purple Pincher Hermit Crab

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Peter Stafford has owned hermit crabs for many years and loves to share his knowledge with everyone interested in these remarkable pets. Peter's website Hermit Crabs Care gives much more information.
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